We are a Home Staging and Interior Styling Company based in Toronto.

The Design District Limited consists of stylists who are passionate, focused and driven on the mission ahead.

Our mission is to transform spaces into beautiful, functional places.

Our goal has always been to style spaces that create an unmistakable feeling of comfort. After all, it is not simply placing furniture into a room. It is about the right first impressions and emotional resonance that attracts buyers. It is about the connection to a property. It is about that feeling of finding your forever home that we all dream of.

The Design District Limited offers flexible home staging services, from strategic decor and furniture reconfiguration to top to bottom home styling. We can work with any property and budget to deliver our promise to get your property sold! We own all our inventory and select gorgeous pieces that continually receive the wow factor. We cannot tell you how often we have heard, ‘I could never imagine my home looking like this’.

So be warned, you may fall in love with your home all over again! No need to fear though. We can also create our magic in your new home. Just ask us about our interior design services and let us bring our signature style to your forever home.