Staging is an essential strategy showcasing the home’s best features so future buyers can envision themselves living there.  

We provide Home Staging and Styling Artistry Services for residential properties preparing for the Toronto Real Estate Market.


The Design District begins with a complimentary consultation. One of our stylists completes a viewing of the property with the client in which suggestions are made to improve the property’s layout, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Following the complimentary consultation, The Design District provides a FREE detailed report and quotation based upon requests of the client and recommendations of the stager.

On the staging date, The Design District transforms the property using our high-quality furnishings and accessories to create a space that potential buyers can call home. Our experience in the industry is met with the passion to ‘wow’ prospective buyers.

The Staging Contract is valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the client has a choice to either extend the rental biweekly or every month. If the client chooses not to further extend the Staging Contract, The Design District will schedule a date to pick up the furniture.


The Design District owns and operates its delivery truck ensuring that stagings can be completed in ONE day.

Located in Etobicoke, our 10,000-square-foot warehouse facility stores our extensive inventory of high-end furnishings and accessories.

We believe living plants that bloom and thrive serve a practical and aesthetic purpose and enhance any staging. Therefore, you can always expect a relaxed and inviting environment curated through the introduction of live plants.


How long does staging the home take?

DD requires a full day to stage a home. We also ask that photography is not booked on the same day. This allows DD to complete the job properly without limitations.

If booking elevators for staging, how long to book elevators for?

We ask for a minimin of 3 hours to allow us to get the inventory up to the unit. After completion, we do require 30-60 mins elevator time to bring unused inventory back down.

How do I pay for staging?

We ask for a 50% deposit to secure the staging date. Balance is then due upon completion.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

To ensure that all parties involved understand the entire staging process and procedures. It’s important that clients understand The Design District’s policies.

Why do you charge a damage deposit?

The Design District prides itself on selecting high-quality furnishings. We understand that some clients will still be living on the property during the 30-day period. It is used to pay for any damage the client may have caused to the furniture. Once the furniture has been picked up and inspected with no damages, the $500 damage deposit will be reimbursed.

Does the Design District store client’s personal belongings?

No The Design District does not store clients’ personal belongings.

Does The Design District make recommendations for tradesmen and other services?

Yes we do! The Design District has teamed up with a moving/storage company, painter, builder and cleaning company. We are happy to pass along their information to our clients.

I noticed that you hang art and mirrors throughout the house. Does The Design District repair the holes?

We most certainly do. If we make the holes, we will fill the holes.